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Water is an essential constituent for a body, and up to 60% of the human body consists of water. From the sources, brain and heart together contain 73% of water, lungs contain 83% of water, the skin contains 64% of water, muscle and kidney include 79%, and even the bone contains 31% of water. For survival, humans have to consume a certain amount of water. An adult man needs to drink at least 3 liters per day, and an adult female needs to consume 2 liters of water per day. All water that humans consumed do not directly obtain from the drinking water, some parts of water are received from food also.

Water has the following functionalities to keep us healthy and fit

  • Water is an essential nutrient for every cell, and it is also known as a building material.
  • It controls our internal body temperature with the help of respiration and sweating.
  • Water helps in transportation and metabolism of carbohydrate and protein in the bloodstream.
  • It helps in removal of waste through urination.
  • It also helps to absorb shock for the brain, spinal cord, and fetus.
  • It creates saliva.
  • It also helps to lubricant the joints.

What Are The Causes Of Water Pollution?

To analysis the root causes of water pollution, we need to find how the pollutants get dissolved into the water. The primary water pollutants are human excreta, household wastes, toxic, and radioactive substances. The reasons behinds the water pollution mixing of waste released by chemical factories, oil factories, and oil spill accidents. These are the major causes of water pollution

  • Living waste

Human and animal excreta comprises of micro-organism and bacteria that affect the water when it dissolved with water.

  • Toxic waste

Waste that discharged from factories are highly poisonous and dangerously treated with chemical and even sometimes nuclear waste mixed with water such as uranium and radon. Sometimes chemical such as pesticide, insecticide, soapy water mixed with water, in this way water gets polluted.

  • Plant waste

organic wastes  are mainly fertilizers or manure that are produced by Nitrate or Phosphate that are eventually affected the plants

  • Kitchen waste

Wastewater released from kitchen or restaurants carries many harmful microorganisms that lead to severe diseases, for example, Malaria, cholera. Then these microorganism starts breed on other creature, making them their carrier and an individual is infected by these carriers, and that again infects someone else.

  • Oil spills

water polluted by oil spills causes a significant threat for human and marine life.

  • Global Warming

Global warming profoundly affects the aquatic animals. When temperature rise, ice melts, and water gets dried up that eventually cause of deficiency of living animal.

  • Modernization

With the increasing population, the demand for basic requirements such as food, the shelter also rises. To meet these basic needs, any individual requires space and land, and land can be captured by demolishing natural surroundings present on the ground or destroying water bodies.

What Are The Effects Of Water Pollution?

There are several effects for water pollution; it can directly or indirectly make an impact on human’s life and environment.

  • Death of aquatic animals

Water pollution kills organisms that reside in water bodies. It is observed that fish, crab, seagulls, dolphins, and other animal killed by the pollutant that is dumped into the water.

  • Disruption of the food chain

Pollution damages the food chain. Pollutants like lead, cadmium are consumed by tiny animals, later these animals are eaten by fish, starfish, and in this way, food chain gets disrupted in the high level.

  • Diseases

Water pollution creates many waterborne diseases. People can be affected by hepatitis by consuming poisoned fish. Chorea is another disease that is spread by drinking contaminated water.

  • Ecosystem

water pollution profoundly affects the ecosystem; sometimes, it destroys the ecosystem.

            Water purification

The way water gets polluted if the cleaning is not to introduce then in near future scarcity of water definitely occurs. In short water, forgiveness is a process by which contaminated water is passed through several steps in order to remove the impurities. Water purification has the following advantages

  • It lowers the risk of cancer.
  • It improves the tastes of the water
  • It reduces the level of chlorine in order to provide a healthy and fit life.
  • It is a more convenient process than boiling.

With the advancement of technology, the water purification process also becomes modernized. Water purifier online is one of the trendy means where you can purchase any of the water purification processes, and you don’t need to visit the store. You can place the order by seating on your sofa. This process also takes less time than the conventional method. By this process, you can take the water purifier for home.


Finally, it is said water is a vital substance for the survival of the human. It should not be wasted recklessly. Water purification is also necessary to make your water germless, clean, and transparent.