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What to Know Before Hiring a Spirit Medium

Spirit mediums are professionals who are able to close the gap between the living world and the afterlife for a fee.  Although there are debates about whether what they do is real, it’s up to you to decide if you want to hear out the information they’re offering you.

This is what to know before hiring a spirit medium! 

Not Every Medium Communicates the Same Way

Some mediums speak directly to the spirits as if they’re in the same room and can slip between their realm and ours like it’s a curtain they have to peek behind.  Others have to use tools like seances to guide the correct spirits to the conversation at hand.

Consider what type of experience works best for you when you hire a medium.  Do you prefer for more theatrics to be a part of the communication, or would you rather feel like you’re sitting down for a conversation with a good friend that you haven’t seen in years?

Some Guests Won’t Want to Attend a Party With One There.

Although you may do everything you can to keep guests comfortable and happy, some won’t like the idea of a spirit medium being at the same party as them and may elect to skip the event if there’s one there.

Try to keep in mind which guests might skip, and weigh whether this is someone that you’re willing to have a party without.  If not, you might have to pick a different time to hire the medium or throw an entirely different event around them.

There’s No Guarantee They’ll Find the Spirit You Want

Although the main goal for these mediums is communication, there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to reach the spirit that you want to reach.  This could mean that you get connected with a different ghost or departed loved one, and that’s a risk you’ll have to take in communication.

Are you interested in just talking to any spirit, or are you looking for someone in particular?  Would you be okay with hiring them anyway if they can’t grab the person you want them to go to?

People Are Divided On Whether They’re Real

The population is divided into three camps: people who believe in mediums and spirits, people who don’t believe and look for ways this could be made up, and people who aren’t sure what to feel but could easily be swayed either way.  It’s okay to have some of each type of person at a party; they create a fantastic mixture of reactions that will keep it interesting. 

They Can Help With Closure and Anxiety

Even if you don’t believe in what they do, the science supports that mediums help people get over grief and pain.  Not only does this show allow people to finally accept the death of a loved one, but it also gives them an outlet to express how they’re feeling and how much they miss the person that’s no longer in their life.  

There’s a Lot to Consider Before Hiring a Spirit Medium

When you’re getting ready to hire a spirit medium, consider each of these items.  You deserve the best experience possible, so find a medium that can offer that to you.