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What you need to know about Amazon Split testing

Amazon is one of the most popular and biggest marketplaces in the world. Due to this, a full crowd of sellers is now on Amazon. How the Amazon sellers stand themselves in the crowd? 

Split testing is one of the effective tools that optimize your amazon listings and increase the sales and engagement of your products. 

What do you mean by split test?

A split test compares how two forms of the same content perform, whether landing page, image, title, etc. or anything in between. There are many ways to conduct split tests, like running ab tests on the online platform.

It is the best way to gauge the preference of target audiences. Amazon Split testing is beneficial if you test a single detail or make some changes at one time. 

What do you mean by the Amazon Split test?

Split testing on Amazon is a good experimental way between the two or more versions to determine which version performs best. For split testing on Amazon, you should test the different variations of some content or product name. 

Split testing is known as ab testing because there is various version, like one version called A and another called B.

Is there any difference between the split testing and AB testing on Amazon

AB testing and split testing on Amazon are mainly the same things, and the two terms are used interchangeably. The main difference between the two is that Ab testing compares version A and version B of the same variable. 

On the other hand, split testing refers to a test that compares more than two versions of more variables. 

How many AB tests run on Amazon

If you use the AB testing tool on Amazon, you are able to run only one test for every eligible high-traffic ASIN at a time. Tests last for a maximum of 10 weeks or a minimum of 4 weeks, after which you get results that consist of conversion rates and sales. 

There are useful metrics offered by customers in real-time. The drawback is that there is a minimum time of four weeks to run the test. Waiting for results on a small or large scale between the variations also impacts your Amazon sales. 

What can you do for split tests? 

You can run the ranked polls or head-to-head polls to test every component of Amazon listings, like 

  • Product Description
  • Product names 
  • Packaging design 
  • Product videos 
  • Product bonuses 
  • Images 
  • Copy and ad headlines 

You can also perform the tests by taking screenshots or linking your Amazon product page and competitor product page and asking respondents to select the most compelling option. After this, respondents submit their votes with written feedback for every poll.


The aim of running the split test on Amazon is to improve sales and click-through rates. By taking an important look at all terms of your Amazon listing, brands and sellers work in such a way that they meet the shopper’s need and optimize the amazon algorithm.