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Why does a .EU domain name matter? 

The.EU TLD was launched in 2005 but by now it has garnered a lot of popularity in the world of domains, websites, and online business. During its inception.EU was available to European institutions and trademark holders, but this was dissolved in 2006 because it held the potential to strengthen European presence and brand after the euro gained popularity as a currency since 1999.

Since then, European businesses have gathered strength online around the world and also non-European businesses that do business in Europe. Anyone doing business in Europe has been primarily using.EU domain name more often. This is why domain registration of.EU domain has been growing and how.

With this article, we seek to probe and understand why.EU domain matters to business in and around Europe.

  1. It gives legitimate access to Europe as a market 

Registering for a .EU domain is like securing a European digital identity on the Internet. A person or company with an.EU domain boosts user trust and emphasizes credibility by sending a strong message indicating that they are from the EU. It also helped ensure a nationwide European online identity for online presence. This immediately gives access to anyone doing business in or wanting to access the European market to do business easily.

In short, a business that uses.EU domain enjoys a higher chance of business success because Europeans lower the barrier in dealing with any business when they see .EU.

  1. .EU supports internationalized domain names

The power of .EU domain name is such that it can be registered in any of the 24 languages of the European Union. Hence, since 2009, users have been able to choose full Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets which are available in the form of IDN (internationalized domain names).

Hence it also offers geo-targeted access to your business showing that your business is European and more open to growth across European countries. Hence, many use it as a gTLD strategically to ensure that their business prospers around the region.

  1. It is reliable, high quality, and safe

The .EU domain is known to be a very reliable and trusted domain name. Those who register the .EU domain is limited to individuals and businesses within the European Union and their identities are correctly verified. Interaction with websites with .EU domains is safe and secure, and users experience a really high-quality assurance in the process.

  1. It has a  very strong DNSSEC security

DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extension and enhances the security of websites containing .EU domains. It is an Internet security protocol that reduces the chances of website users being redirected to other websites without good intentions. It works by parsing responses at each level of the Domain Name System (DNS) through the trust chain mechanism. This allows businesses using a .EU domain to be secure when anyone visits their website and garners trust and assurance among users.

  1. It is available with Registry Lock service for domain protection

Websites using .EU domains can also opt for the registry lockout service for a higher level of domain name security. The Registry Lock service can be used to prevent accidental changes, deletions or transfers of domain names. Best used to protect valuable and unique.EU domain names. One more reason to get a .EU domain!


On the whole,.EU as a domain has many benefits including the ones mentioned above. If you are looking to register or have a business in Europe or that caters to the European market, there is no better option than .EU. One can say that .COM can be more popular around the world but .EU domain has its own value in the European market. If you are thinking of starting a business online and catering to the Europe market but haven’t zeroed down on a domain name yet, here is what you should read before you decide on one.

Hoping that you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any doubts or queries, please share them with us in the comments section below.