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Why Your Man Needs a Vibrating Cockring

Vibrating cockrings are the best sex toys for couples looking to increase the pleasure in their sex lives, a vibrating cockring is a combination of a regular vibrator and a cock ring into one powerful sex toy. In this article, we are going to discuss what it is exactly, and reasons why your man needs one.

What is a Vibrating Cock Ring?

The vibrating cockring goes around the base of your man’s penis and sometimes the scrotum in order to reduce blood flow to his penis so that his erections are harder, last longer and give him a mind-blowing orgasm at the end. Its original design was to stimulate a woman’s clitoris during sex. This nifty device can be used to explore all your erogenous zones. A cockring is generally flexible and made from silicone or rubber.

3 Reasons Why Your Man Needs A Vibrating Cockring

The vibrating cockring is the best investment for any man or even a couple. There are many reasons why your man needs one, but here are the top three:

  • Better Erections. The vibrating cockring is designed to stimulate in such a way that it provides a bigger and harder erection. If your man has any health conditions that affect your sex life, or perhaps suffers with erectile dysfunction, this could really help him solve many erection issues.
  • Stimulation. You can even use this device by slipping it over your fingers or a dildo while you turn your man on by letting him watch you pleasure yourself if you so choose. It can also be used with another vibrating device to pleasure your outside as well.
  • Adventure. It adds adventure to your sex life, as you can use it together as a couple for extra stimulation and spice. You will enjoy seeing his pleasure as much as he enjoys feeling it.

The vibrating cockring is a must have for any couple, there are so many varieties of vibrating cockrings to choose from. The uses for a cockring are endless, depending on how adventurous you are. There is no right or wrong way to use a cockring as they are easy and simple to use.

No matter your preferences, be assured that you and your man will find one that will provide the maximum pleasure to your experience. Head on over to Sexy Pharmacy now and add your vibrating cockring to your shopping cart, and get it on the way to you for your next date night. What are you waiting for?