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4 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Not Latching On Breastfeed Properly

A baby exactly removes the breast milk from mother’s breasts when he/she latches correctly. Efficient and proper removal of the milk from breast is important for mother as well as baby. It enables the child to obtain sufficient milk for a growing body. It also indicates mother’s body to produce more milk. Breastfeeding issues appear when there is an issue from either side. Babies who don’t receive sufficient milk face retarded growth. Mothers feel painful condition such as mastitis, plugged milk ducts and breast engorgement. Mothers can solve these issues by using latest solutions. Babyshop store is an ideal place to find such solutions. On the other hand, Coupon.ae Team offers Babyshop code to make things affordable for everyone. Breastfeeding issues appear when there are following situations.

A Baby Is Fussy:

The babies usually deny latching on breastfeed when they are either crying or too fussy. Well, you will need to find reasons why your baby is fussy. Breastfeeding becomes a trouble especially when the baby is over-stimulated, overtired, or hungry.


 Mothers should feed babies when he is awake and calm. Take care of their diet routine and schedule. Mothers should console the babies before feeding them especially if they are crying. Swaddling, holding, or bringing them a quiet place can also help.

Baby is Little Sleepy:

Does your newborn take more interest in sleeping? It happens that most babies love sleeping and spend most of time in this hobby. However, this may have a negative impact on their health. Babies who sleep for longer miss the breastfeeding. Ask the physician. He will suggest medication for this issue.


In some cases, the babies are tired and they don’t wake up on time for feeding. If this is the case then mothers should wake them up. Set a feeding schedule after each two to three hours. Mothers can relax them, change the diaper or talk softly for this purpose. Buy quality baby toys to rouse them with Babyshop code.

Mothers have Large Nipples:

Do you have very large nipples? This may be a problem for the baby. Newborn can’t extract milk from the breasts if nipples are large. It is necessary that a baby takes entire nipple properly. Nipples filling the mouth of baby during feeding process will irritate them.


Mothers should visit Babyshop store and purchase some quality nipple shields. These are helpful to create a small size nipple by covering large nipples. This supports babies to latch easily and properly.

A Premature Baby:

In most cases, the premature babies show this issue. Actually, they don’t have strength to suck the nipples properly. This is important to give them proper care and medication. Premature babies require special attention until they are stable.


Buy some infant milk products and feed the babies after short intervals. Buy quality baby feeders at affordable prices if mothers have a Babyshop code. The Coupon.ae team is excited to assist mothers in this troubling but critical phase by providing several affordable shopping ways.