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Does My Business Need A Mobile Application


You may have asked yourself this question sometime. I hope that presenting you here, the advantages and considerations that must be taken into account can help you obtain a beneficial response for your business.

I Have A Website

Surely your company and the various value propositions of your business benefit from a website. These are the differences between a website and a mobile application:

A mobile app is developed specifically for mobile devices. How information is presented and interacts with it is friendlier and closer to users.

A mobile application is integrated with the mobile device, being able to make use of all available hardware and software: camera, microphone, accelerometer, notifications, location, Bluetooth etc.

A mobile application can be used without an internet connection if it has been designed for it, while a website requires a permanent internet connection. If it is necessary to be able to work and generate information without an internet connection for later, when there is a connection, synchronize the information with a server, a mobile application is an ideal solution.

Closeness With Your Customers

We must not forget that the most important thing when you create an android application [buat aplikasi android which is the term in Indonesia] is not that it is spectacular, but that it is irreplaceable. When a customer needs a solution, he wants it now, so customers appreciate being able to bring the solutions to their needs at their fingertips because we all carry a mobile phone and tablet with us. Mobile applications can offer that.

Supporting Your Business

These are some of the benefits that a mobile application can bring to your business:

A mobile app is the business card of your business. It allows such a degree of customization that it is an ideal vehicle to convey your brand image, your values, ​​and your way of relating to your customers.

A mobile application can serve to differentiate you from your competition, providing added value that makes your business more attractive.

With a mobile application, you can offer a direct and straightforward way to solve the doubts and problems that may be presented to your customers. It will also give you a way to get your opinion and your feeling. You will be building a reputation, because your customers must have a direct channel to reach you and get solutions, instead of exposing their frustration on other websites and social networks.